This is a gorgeous natural look for headshots, TV appearances, and content creation days.

Included is your choice of traditional or airbrush foundation, light contour, lashes,

beauty tips and skincare consultation. 

The goal is to create a matte look that appears flawless on camera. I will custom mix your foundation, give you a customized 3D sculpt with beautiful natural blush and lip. All products used for this look are matte, except for some eyeshadow, where we can afford to sneak in some shine to make your eyes pop while keeping it soft and natural! Waterproof antishine powder is used to erase any possible shine and give you the ultimate flawless finish.


A show-stopping look for cocktail parties, red carpet events, and special appearances.

Included is your choice of traditional or airbrush foundation, contour, glamorous eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, lashes, highlighters and sparkles, beauty tips and skincare consultation.

The goal is to create a signature stunning glam beauty look, that looks fabulous in person and photographs beautifully, so you can shine like the star You Are

on the red carpet or your special appearance.

Waterproof products are used for long lasting results, so your makeup stays in place and gives you confidence to dance the night away.


When you need to look your best on or off camera, as well as additional accompaniment. This experience is perfect for live appearances, filming days, editorial shoots, and any event when consistent touch-ups and support are necessary or preferred.

What’s Included:

3 hours of Accompaniment

Up to 3 hours on site after your full makeup is completed for touch-ups and support.

A Beauty Call with Your Team

Happy to connect with your stylists, photographers, agents,

managers, etc. so we can strategize your look and deliver only the best

Let’s Get Extra!

The sky’s the limit with this experience! Rhinestones, feather lashes, intricate costume makeup, aaaall that glitters! You dream it, I'll make it a reality!

*Makeup Experiences start at $500