Nika Geneva grew up in a family of artists. By surrounding her with colors, paintings and sculptures every day, Art kindled a passion in her heart. Naturally she decided to attend The Art School of Theater Design and Stagecraft in Bulgaria - one of a kind on the Balkans. The opportunity to explore all kinds of shapes, colors, and the human body, grew her connection with Fine Arts even stronger. Nika's education gave her a powerful head start in Makeup Artistry and confidence to work with all face types and skin tones. 

  It would really make my day if my story is inspiring you to dream big and follow those dreams! Life is truly in Your hands and it is really up to You to make things happen!

  After deciding to follow her heart Nika moved to Los Angeles with a big dream and $100 in her pocket. With the support from her friends and her mother she attended makeup school and was introduced to a vast variety of techniques and products, which took her skill set to the next level and gifted her with an outstanding experience. Immediately after that Nika Geneva got invited to work on a feature film with her Makeup Instructor, which fired up the start of her career as a Professional Makeup Artist.

  I enjoy being the person my clients trust with their look because I understand the pressure of being in the spotlight and performing.​ I am happy to be that moral support for my clients and provide them the highest quality service. 

Welcome to a world of beauty and magic!

Look in the mirror - You are beautiful!

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